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Pay the Price

creating ethical entrepreneurial success through passion, pain, and purpose

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The truth is that despite all our best efforts, most new businesses still fail. 


Starting a business is tough. It’s even tougher building one with strong ethical foundations. Up to 90 percent of UK and US startups fail by the 10th year. This trend is even worse in developing countries such as in  Africa, which incidentally is the most entrepreneurial continent in the world. 


Strong foundations are impossible without going through the mill. The process. Highs and lows, shame and pain. This dark side of entrepreneurship is not highlighted enough in the literature, possibly contributing to these high failure rates. 


There are plenty of business books about success out there. There aren’t nearly enough business books about failure—and how sustained perseverance through pain and repeated setbacks is often the prerequisite for true, lasting success.


This book is different. 


You’ll learn how Passion, Pain, Time, and Purpose are vital keys to succeed—with plenty of pioneering insights from unusual sources: music, poetry, chemistry, sport, and stories. It even has its own dedicated Spotify playlist. 


In here, you’ll discover:


  • The Five Principles of Ethical Entrepreneurship

  • The Three Universal  Phases of Entrepreneurship: the Honeymoon, the Formative, and the Legacy. 

  • How starting with who, NOT why, is crucial for building a successful, enduring, ethical business

  • Overcoming the FOUR kinds of pain that lead to entrepreneurial failure with a brand new Flag Response Model. 

  • Validating Your Business Model and Partner using real theories in Chemistry. 

  • Earning the best Legacy type, the Pathfinder, out of the FOUR available options and much, much more.

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